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This may be the most wanted gift for the elderly, not necessarily the most advanced but warmer – as a child of the remarried family, I have already taken my stepfather as my own father. He used to play on their own integrity, and I love early won my heart. From small to large, in my mind, my father is a man who can write equal to anything, the calligraphy erhu, Wu Nengxiu electric brick wall, there seems to be no what can challenge him. Until now, the old man to help me with a child of the age of one, I found that once the thought agile, quick action of the father, after all, what was taken away by the years. Such as the use of mobile phone, every person he needs you to help a deposit into the mobile phone; the phone, you need to close the ears will be loud; see mobile phone news point into advertising, do not know how to exit the advertising news; every time I see the words on the screen are squinting, with glasses. Teach him all sorts of steps, and there will be another point with a mobile phone that feel shy steps I forgot, tell me once again. Such a scene staged again and again, I would like to have a more suitable for the elderly mobile phone? This got 21 grams old machine M3L ecological chain millet, hope that this experience can tell you the answer. The elderly have higher yen value because the mobile phone you can’t wait to open the dad, here is a simple fill out of the box, millet 5 before partial kraft paper style. Millet ecological chain produced. Open the package, on the family portrait. Outside the mobile phone body, charger data cable, manual, is intimate with a transparent water set. From the point of view of appearance, no one thinks it is an old man machine. I get this rich golden M3L more fashion color. 2.5D screen, round chamfer design. M3L can be seen in the shape of a little millet 2S and Charm Blue shadow. Resolution of 720P, with 5 inches screen, PPI reached 300, and will not feel the screen is not enough. Look at the lock screen, is not familiar to see what things? The front panel is very simple. The most striking is the square home key. Click to return, long press back to the home page, moderate feedback, slightly hard. In my opinion, the home key is not a small gap in the interactivity and Charm Blue mBack key set. But, dad said to him, this button is very simple, as long as it can always return to the home page, so always to remember were key complex gestures. Young people and old people in the focus on the differences, can be seen. Colorful back shell. I can’t help but praise this fashion design. In addition to providing official gold, and blue powder color options, even young people take out it will not feel awkward. The back of the 8 million pixel camera, whether it is the actual use of the effect of the parameters, and the mainstream brand of thousands of machines still have a certain gap. Of course, this camera for the basic only to shoot grandchildren’s father, is enough. Let me feel a little pity that the M3L speaker is set up相关的主题文章: