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Tibet: the seven round of inspections of 117 party inspection found the problem   836 – Politics – people.com.cn original title: Tibet: the seven round of inspections on 117 party inspections found problems of 836 this year, the Tibet autonomous region in accordance with the party to manage the party strictly and comprehensive requirements, the Central Committee of the Communist Party of hundred-percent the spirit of and implement the requirements of inspection work, the outstanding political inspection, standardize procedures, improve the working mechanism, strict work requirements, and promote the inspection work. Strengthen inspections to improve the strength of the patrol coverage density. This year, the inspection group increased from 3 to 5, and 8 additional temporary inspection teams; the establishment of the inspection work coordination mechanism, the integration of the patrol force, deployed 515 people participated in the supervision and inspection; to accelerate the pace of the inspection frequency, from 1 a year before the 2013 round of adjustment to 2 in 2014, after 2015 to 3 a year round. Up to now, the full coverage of the task has been completed patrol 64%, after the end of the second round of inspections this year, the coverage rate will reach 90%, after the end of the third round of inspections will achieve full coverage targets. Grasping the Dinglao, weakening the leadership of the party construction of the party, lack of comprehensive strictly ineffective, strengthen procedural regulations, according to discipline in accordance with regulations to carry out patrol patrol work. Up to now, the seven round of inspections on the completion of the inspection of the 117 Party organizations, found outstanding problems of the 836, to discipline inspection and supervision organs, organizations and other issues of the transfer of clues and related matters of the 390. (Tibet autonomous region (discipline): Gong instrument commissioning editor (Intern), Shen Yaxin)相关的主题文章: