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To say that comic? Guo Degang OD received as a disciple of Guo Degang, into the entertainment Sohu Deyunshe OD recorded "in the mood" – Sohu entertainment news recorded in Guo Degang’s "reality show" in the mood, OD received as a disciple about triggering hot. But Guo Degang also had to promise to mean what one says advocate, OD: "give me two years to three years, you can get red in the comic industry like Yue Yunpeng!" In this program, Guo Degang left Greece before two times successively stressed that after the program recording OD must come Deyunshe a newspaper to know about "family", it seems that the old Guo this really on the "halfway apprentice" with a sincere! In the Saturday night’s "in the mood" in Eastern Europe trip near the end of the men’s team at the last station — Santorini, sharing the beautiful seascape and lunch. On the table, Guo Degang specifically asked OD: "you are my disciples, you must go back to Beijing in a home, a look, I want to introduce you to your brothers, completely into a." Here OD just promised: "good!" There are good brothers channel ridicule: "and then serve the gates!" Guo Degang is also happy to pick up the stem: "yes, first beat you a meal!" Both got into the old Guo fayan, let him again and again was build, cultivation of Italy, efforts and engagement of OD Guo Degang won approval. Program, OD himself admitted: because I can not afford to lose, so I am very hard." Guo Degang is also very understanding of the disciple: "he is really for the family, for the children, in order to daughter-in-law, to make their life better, their tails to work hard, he would need a bigger platform to help him. So I said, after you say is my disciple, I cover you."   相关的主题文章: