To sign (Figure) forcing OCD-super bass

To sign (Figure) forcing OCD can forcing OCD sign neat, clean is not understandable thing, but if the formation of a disease that can be cured, every day will focus on some of the harm on the details of the debate, and even some OCD patients will try to interfere with the lives of others this habit is not very headache? The following technology Ziwei star tell you several constellations in the world can kill obsessive-compulsive disorder, to see if you are not on the list! Taurus Taurus, although it is also a sign of the earth, but there is no such a strict attitude to life, Capricorn, Virgo, there is no perfectionist. Their view of life according to their own philosophy, have their own pace, not love forced anything must be classified, also hate to live so tired, what love will live the place packed. They think that such a life is very comfortable, very safe, and ears hard, can not listen to persuade also hate others to move their goods. Cancer is a group of people who were serious emotional impact, gentle appearance are done to outsiders, are actually lazy cancer patients with depth, the mood to organize things. But the concept is not in accordance with the color is not according to the season, is to see the mood. And like to indulge in memories of cancer, the room can always find a bunch of metamorphic garbage, but do not want to clean up. Gemini people think they are smart enough to do something out of the ordinary love, finishing time is always fantastic ways and thoughts. Coupled with the playful Gemini is basically no time to pay attention to the problem of placing items, repeat the chance to buy high. Then don’t stop buying stop bottom pressure, vicious spiral. Scorpio itself is not too concerned about life, and they love deep privacy, something not clear in front of you, eastern Tibet Tibet, let alone others can find, sometimes even do not know on which. Scorpio and bones kind of wild pursuit, a "wild" which got into obsessive eye, and they do not love others by super bundle, the more you say, the more he. Sagittarius just stood there motionless to death because he can bring others obsessive-compulsive disorder, every word you said as unheeded advice, a day, a year, or even a lifetime, he can totally ignore your cries. The room was usually empty, and it was full of things he was interested in, and he liked to create a sense of irregularity. In short, obsessive compulsive disorder, cherish life, away from the shooter. Virgo, some people will ask, Virgo is not just a sign of obsessive-compulsive disorder, why do you appear here? Xiaobian to tell you, Virgo is forcing Virgo obsessive-compulsive disorder OCD contest, are generally the pursuit of perfection, I have a little problem is not allowed to criticize, but Virgo is such there will always be picky, also called "straight", when they encounter obsessive Virgo means that will produce more severe obsessive-compulsive disorder.相关的主题文章: