Tournament piracy cited concern experts say combat piracy to copyright law as a positive,

Tournament piracy cited concern   experts say combat piracy to copyright law as a positive, game original title: Tournament piracy infringement against piracy experts cited concern for copyright law as active in recent years, with the rapid development of online game industry, the network game broadcast industry has the rapid rise, Betta banners, YY and other platforms such as bamboo shoots after a spring rain emerged, all capital have flocked into the room. However, all kinds of piracy infringement problems emerge in an endless stream, serious harm to the development of the industry. In this regard, the law should be how to protect the legal profession, the industry has become the focus of attention. In August 27th, sponsored by the Internet society China mediation center "tournament intellectual property protection seminar" held in Guangzhou. From Beijing, Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Wuhan, Changsha, dozens of trial judge engaged in intellectual property and industry participants, intellectual property protection research focused on the games and live games gaming. For example, electronic game game live show is belongs to the works, electronic game footage constitute works, whether sports programming works, game player to play the game is the process created works etc.. Reporters noted that the clarification of these legal issues is essential for industrial development. However, the views of all walks of life are not the same, the judicial practice in the case of the identification is not the same. In the Shanghai Pudong court is called the "China network game live gaming" first case "Yao Yu v. Betta DOTA2 case", the judge believes that due to the prior design competition itself is not involved in the game play like, the game screen is composed of both contestants to participate in the game according to the rules of the game, through the dynamic picture form the operation of the game, a kind of objective and visual form, the game process is random and can not be copied, the game is uncertain, so the copyright law does not belong to the game works. According to the law, the court refused to give the protection of the copyright law of the live broadcast of the network games, and replaced them with the relevant provisions of the anti unfair competition law. In the court of Pudong, the "miracle MU" case, the judge found that some types of games constitute the overall picture of the film works. The reason is that the programming process and the function of shooting film creation process of game design, material design creation personnel in the director, screenwriter, art, music, costume design and other similar games, the equivalent of a movie; seen from the form, with the operation of the game characters, game player game story unfolds in the game scene, the the game picture by picture text and other content from the collection, and with the continuous operation and continuous change screen game player. The game screen is composed of a series of sound or no sound pictures, through the computer communication, and has a similar form of film works, so the whole game picture film works. In addition, the Guangxi Guilin intermediate people’s court heard the fishing Daren case, the court also found that the game constitutes a class of films. However, in the recent years, there are some positive cases in the sports events. For example, Beijing Chaoyang Court of sina v. Phoenix network turn相关的主题文章: