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Trump on election day in an interview said "I want to vote for their own" Republican presidential candidate Donald · Trump (data plan) International Online Zhuangao: according to the British "Guardian" reported on November 8th, Tuesday morning local time, the U.S. presidential election Republican presidential candidate Donald · Trump Fawkes received news interview on the show, and joked "I has decided to vote for Trump". When asked if he had changed his presidency for more than a year, Trump said: "it’s been a wonderful 18 months. I’ve heard people from all walks of life. Some people ask, what did you learn in the process? I want to say, I learned this: people are great." In addition, Trump also answered the question of what you are most concerned about the results of the state vote today. He said, New Hampshire, Ohio and Iowa have their own confidence to win, and that he is in Michigan and Wisconsin may win: the two states have a large number of working-class white voters. Local time on November 8th, the United States polling stations have been opened, voters have begun voting. According to media reports, the final results will be local time on November 8th evening 23:00 (Beijing time at 12:00 on November 9th) baked. (International Online)相关的主题文章: