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Tsinghua Professor how to sell millions of money cheated? Experts say, some time ago, Shandong Linyi quasi students Xu Yuyu was 8 on the grounds of fraud grants, defrauding 9900 yuan tuition, on the way home Xu Yuyu report, due to cardiac arrest, rescue invalid died. Many people may think that social experience is not enough rich people are easy to be caught, but the fact is not so long ago, the "Tsinghua professor by the telecommunications fraud" incident is proof. In September 19th, the third session of the National Cyber Security Awareness Week (Shanghai area) and peripheral information security activities in the sixth session of the opening of Shanghai City, Fudan University professor Yang Min in the opening keynote publicity week revealed Tsinghua Professor cheated the inside story of the incident, although this has not been confirmed with the police, but before the disclosure of the situation quite well. Liar tell professor of Tsinghua real information on the day of the speech, said Professor Yang Min from the Xu Yuyu case, "some people think that the reason she cheated is lack of experience, but in fact there is life experience of people can avoid being cheated?" In this regard, he believes that is not necessarily, while a professor of Tsinghua cheated example. The "Tsinghua Professor telecommunications fraud was informed the police Yang Min said in his speech, the Tsinghua University professor just sold a house, home immediately received a telephone fraud, tax evasion and so on all call him, all kinds of bullying, and then step by step, results all cheated 17 million 600 thousand. "Liar can tell you exactly how much is, net contract number, some information of all kinds of transaction details, you can speak closely reasoned and well argued." Information security experts have been caught not only in front of Professor, telecommunications fraud information professionals also cannot survive. "We are a lot of people who are in the field of information security, that they will not be fooled." Yang Min is this another example, had hit a mobile phone industry experts were infected with a Trojan virus message, send a message to many friends, the content of the message "I am xxx, this is a small video" I help you take a picture, and attach a link. Overnight, the expert’s friends click on the link, causing property damage. "To know that this expert is a senior network information security, and his friends are also a lot of information security practitioners. So whether it is naive girl, or experienced people, or information security practitioners, it is difficult to escape telecommunications fraud."   Yang Min said. 60% a variety of commonly used software involved in the privacy of personal data leakage telecommunications fraud why repeatedly succeeded? 300 Yang Min believes that a large part of the reason is caused by the leakage of personal privacy information. Information security is an underground society, the formation of a river." Yang Min said, there are people who try to put the virus into your mobile phone, there are people who get important information from your mobile phone, someone packed up her things and deal with information of fraud, theft, some people even use stolen things, such as electronic currency, through various channels to the realization of it wash white, form a complete industrial chain. "This makes’ Kay相关的主题文章: