Two fellow eating because of a small mistake caused by the action of the hands of 1 people were chop gigolos

Two villagers eat because of the small action misunderstanding caused by hands 1 people cut fracture – Beijing together in the villager’s home to eat and drink, dinner, because the other side of a small action misunderstanding, after two argue that, in an argument that the knife will cut into each other minor injuries. Recently, the Deqing County provincial procuratorate prosecution, the court sentenced Li Guosong to ten months in prison for intentional assault and sentenced to imprisonment for up to $. The evening of June 13th this year, Li Guosong went to fellow workers in Deqing County Liu family returned to the motorcycle keys to borrow a few days ago, happened to Liu, Zhang et al are drinking for dinner. Li Guosong sat down to drink and chat. During the meeting, Li Guosong in the return of Liu key in the shoulder by Zhang Zhang away, Li Guosong was deemed "hostile to their zhang". After the dinner, Li Guosong pulled Zhang questioned why he has a hostile, the two dispute. The quarrel, Li Guosong returned to the Liu family took a kitchen knife Kanxiang Zhang, causing his right hand fracture. After identification, Zhang injuries are minor injuries two. August 26th, the police will flee to Wenzhou Li Guosong captured. (Wang Rui)相关的主题文章: