Typhoon Mireille generation and 3 typhoon embryos ready-stellarium

Typhoon "Mireille" generation and 3 typhoon embryos ready according to the weather prediction, the next 10 days in Northwest Pacific and South China Sea will have 3 typhoons, of which there is a typhoon may generate embryonic 23 typhoon "meari". The third wave of cold air into the sea, will make waves in the Pacific Ocean, the formation of a new wave of typhoon; at the same time Siberia cold energy failure, the subtropical high is likely to hold up again. That is to say, this is not the end of typhoon. The Northwest Pacific is about to usher in a typhoon active period, there will be a number of typhoons generated, generally south of the South China Sea to the Gulf of Thailand, one to the east of Philippines ocean. Even more frightening is that they now have the embryo partly hidden and partly visible most notably, the east of Philippines, it will take the lead in the best conditions, the development of 23 typhoon meari". In fact, the winter monsoon and summer monsoon. The drama has been kicked off, Siberia cold forces are constantly aggressively south, a pick a good cold air, not only to brush the sense of presence, will brush a sense of rhythm! This fall, the subtropical high is not generally strong. These days, like extremely excited the subtropical high, Zhangzhou has 4 consecutive days above 30 degrees! On Friday, the subtropical westerly trough and subtropical high is also visible confrontation situation, very strong, almost controlled the whole Jiangnan 5900 line. We map made by nasdaq. You 27, 08 ~28, 08 at the highest temperature distribution. Yesterday, Zhangzhou people still hide the big sun. However, it would be with the atmospheric circulation gradually to the winter cold air adjustment in China began its active forward tonight will be scheduled to arrive in our province on the 29 day, my province from north to south there is a significant cooling process of cold air striker (black line) has entered the northern Guangxi, northern Guangdong, northwest of Fujian the Department is continuing to move south, this evening, I arrived in Southern China province and. Sketch map of France in late October 28th nine cold air, cold air into the black line for the position. Map from the central meteorological station hot and high temperature or from tonight, bid farewell to 2016! Fujian provincial meteorological observatory on October 28th 17, released: the next 10 days, the province affected by the strong cold air twice, respectively, in the year of October to 30 and 29 to the year of November to 1 ~ 3 days. The first cold air strikes, from north to south, the temperature decreased, the lowest temperature of the total cooling up to the West and North range 10 ~ 12 DEG C, the local more than 12 DEG C; central and southern coastal can reach 6 to 8 DEG C; most of the rest is 8 to 10 DEG C. The cooling rate of the second cold air is not as good as the first time. November 2nd morning temperatures throughout the country continued to be low, some counties in Fujian Province (city) minimum temperature will drop to 7 ~ 9 C. Specific forecast: 28-29, continue to control most of Southern China subtropical high, but slightly southward weakened cold air southward, front southward, evening around the province from north to south, there is a weak precipitation process, among them, 28 night and a part of the Jiufeng Mountain Cloud near the mountains have moderate rain, local heavy rain. 29-30, the province from north to south, there is a significant cooling process, 48 hours of daily maximum temperature cooling rate in north central region of up to 10-14 DEG C, the rest is up to 4-9 DEG C. 30-31 day, the low level of east;相关的主题文章: