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U.S. media warned in Southeast Asia: a large number of militants had signs of danger appearing everywhere IS foreign media reports, the Islamic state of recruiting less success in Southeast Asia, but in Syria and Iraq’s "base camp" from Malaysia, Philippines and destroyed hundreds of foreign militants tried to go home, what will happen? According to the United States, Washington Post reported on August, 18, said the Australian experts will be considered as a regional counter-terrorism challenges, rather than just suffering in the Middle East and North africa. They worry, because the jihadists are looking for New Haven, new stage may face signs of danger appearing everywhere in the future. Southeast Asian governments have been working in private with the United States (some of which have been working for more than 10 years) to monitor and try to crack down on Islamic militant groups, which have achieved great success. The United States has helped train called a Indonesia police forces task force 88 ", the basic forces destroyed has first-hand the implementation of more than 200 people have been killed in the 2002 bombings in Bali Island branch of Al Qaeda" Islamic group". But experts say Asian prisons, slums and juvenile gangs for environmental terrorism provides a stirring among the dry bones. "Islamic state" in Syria’s agents have tried to contact these potential jihadists. In January this year, the Jakarta bombings killed 8 people, Islamic state claimed responsibility for the incident. Most South East Asian Muslims against such violence, but suffered heavy casualties of the attack planning only a handful of peripheral personnel. Jones, director of the Institute for conflict policy analysis in Sydney, ·, said: "now the activities of Jihad in Jakarta more than any time in the past 10 years." Those who are about to become a catalyst for violence are those who travel from Southeast Asia to Syria and iraq. Experts predict that this group of militants network, including up to 600 to 700 people in Southeast Asia and Australia, 110. The number of jihadists in Southeast Asia is far greater than the number of "Al Qaeda" organizations that joined the 9· "11" incident. Australia’s Lowy Institute for international policy researcher Allen · Connelly said, "we haven’t seen in Southeast Asia in the worst case". Experts worry that there are 3 possible risk factors to expand the current smaller Southeast Asian terrorist network, announced the establishment of the Islamic state branches, to recruit a new member of the Islamic state in the Malaysia army in southern Philippines to Ji jungle, and Indonesia prison staff promote jihad. Southeast Asia Islamic state militants in a video released in June proposed the establishment of "Khalifa" in Philippines". Abu · Abdel · Rachman · Filippini urged in the video said: "no matter where, to kill the infidels, don’t go." This video was recorded in Syria and La intelligence group translated by American international terrorist organization search. In Malaysia, the army has been a source of concern for transporting terrorists. The defense chief told Congress last year that at least 70 veterans have become "Islamic state" terrorists. Despite the Malaysia authorities for a long time相关的主题文章: