Unidentified people sent to express to pay 39 yuan do not sign 9c8921

Unidentified people sent to express: to pay 39 yuan do not sign for the last two months, dozens of cities across the country have been similar to the $39 courier fraud reports. These are used to defraud the package mostly poor quality shampoo, the contents of the package as long as a few dollars worth of goods, but the amount of money to pay is 39 yuan. Many friends broke the news, received from Miss Chen’s courier, to pay 39 yuan, which is less than $10 cosmetics. Some people think that these parcels may come from the same group of people, the trick is to use the trick to pay the amount is much higher than the value of the parcel, so as to earn the difference. In view of this phenomenon, the postal staff said, 39 yuan of cash on delivery of the God of wealth and cosmetics, is a new scam in the illegal business consumers access to personal information after. This staff member, according to the relevant provisions of the collection of goods delivery courier, the recipient can open the first inspection, if found damaged or not their own things to buy, have the right to reject. If it is to help the family collection, it is necessary to call the family to confirm, to avoid being deceived. Expert analysis, cash on delivery for the people to sell God the God of wealth out of psychological, and fixed the price at 39 yuan this threshold is not high, often do not hold to the consignee. So the trick can be repeated.相关的主题文章: