Village exposure notice Wang Qianyuan and forgetful artifact of grief-hyuna

"Village" exposure notice Wang Qianyuan with amnesia "artifact" Wang Qianyuan with grief melancholy artifact Wang Qianyuan and Wang Qianyuan and Hsu Chi staged a forgetful villagers drinking couple Sina entertainment news last night, directed by Chen Yuxun, Hsu Chi, Wang Qianyuan [micro-blog] [micro-blog] starred in the fantasy comedy film "forgetful village" "Lotus" Version trailer fresh baked. Compared to notice the contents of previous exposure, "Lotus" Trailer opened a "melancholy artifact" true colors. Notice, Wang Qianyuan plays the mayor from the beginning shouted: "people have not to be divulged secret, not forget it." With Wang Qianyuan with a mysterious melancholy artifact, the village like land of idyllic beauty so there have been a series of amazing stories. The trailer Wang Qianyuan looks sloppy abjection, finally hysteria: "what is this village!" And throughout the "I forget", "do not remember", "no impression" is the people of the village full of curiosity. The actor Wang Qianyuan Hsu Chi starred in "goddess partner couples", two people in the trailer funny funny performance also let people full of expectations for the group. It is reported that the film has been scheduled for the Spring Festival, new year’s day to see the forgotten village forget a thousand worries. (commissioning editor: YY)相关的主题文章: