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Wang Pansheng memorial ceremony held yesterday bid farewell to master singing sound in 2014, 91 year old Wang Pansheng interview with this reporter. (data) (Figure 1) the famous opera performing artist, a national non heritage inheritors, and founder of Wang Pansheng opera memorial ceremony, held at the Longhua funeral home yesterday morning. Friends and family, community, younger fans holding opera yellow carnations, melodious in Wang Pansheng’s concert recording, send master finally. Longhua funeral hall, the fans lined up in a continuous line, a man carrying a letter "master" banners wreath. The memorial ceremony, Wang Pansheng playing masterpiece "Liu Zhiyuan on the more" arias. Elegiac sushi independent chic and elegant light unmoved either by gain or loss of fame and fortune, then leave earth art "is a portrayal of his life. Wang Pansheng’s son said, "father’s life is at life, father has twenty principles, strict requirements for their children, their words and deeds. He unreservedly to his art experience to teach many young actors and disciples. We will remember his teaching, singing and performing." In the view of the Shanghai Mao Shanyu theater, Wang Pansheng’s life in addition to opera opera is no other hobbies, "Wang hobby. He represented the old artist coordinates and root Shanghai opera. He was said to "flow" schools, Shanghai need to develop, not conservative, to have the spirit of innovation. Sometimes the beginning of innovation is not necessarily appropriate, but he has always maintained a tolerant attitude, encourage us to inherit the tradition, retain the essence of the same time, we must continue to innovate." Wang Pansheng, a famous opera actor Sun Xuchun disciple said, "Wang is opera circles. At the end of the day, lying in bed when he woke up, will sing opera. Wang simple life, attention to art, the fame of the spirit is the most precious wealth for posterity." The 72 year old famous opera actor Xu Botao in the king, he recalled his love for the king Pansheng singing and fell in love with the opera, a teenager to teacher Wang wrote the scene visible before the eyes. "Shanghai cannot have opera, the audience can not put opera, I love today, cannot do without the teacher Wang taught every single word or phrase." Xu Botao insisted on coaching students in Shanghai drama school, "we must inherit the good king of art, then sing the charm and flavor, let Wang way." The 15 year old Wang Pansheng from Suzhou to Shanghai, the famous tanhuang worship Chen Xiushan as a teacher, and later entered the circle formed by the coast of the opera senior Xiao bin Wen troupe, after 1945 gradually become one of the pillars of the regiment. After the liberation, the company reorganized as Bin Yihua Opera Troupe deputy leader Wang Pansheng. In 60s, Wang Pansheng had joined the Shanghai Opera Troupe, in "the red lantern" crew, in late 70s and Shie cooperation show "Ding outcast". Since then, Wang Pansheng’s Royal Opera Troupe was reinstated, renamed the Xinyi Chinese opera troupe, Wang Pansheng gave up the opportunity to stay in Shanghai Opera Troupe, back to xinyihua. In 2014, Wang Pansheng won the twenty-fourth Shanghai Magnolia Drama Award "special contribution award", this is the first time for the Annual Awards Awards opera actor. In the opera circles, "ten nine" king said that the 10 men have 9 niche in the opera is singing "faction")相关的主题文章: