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Want to live up to the first to have a wonderful delicacy kitchen lead: there is a saying: only the delicacy to live up to. Everyone knows that the charm of food can not resist mortal, but not everyone can create a good food to live up to. There is a beautiful kitchen, like a perfect food manufacturing, want to make amazing food, not as good as starting with a perfect kitchen! Want to live up to the delicacy collocation must first have a good kitchen between white and wood color is enough to make your eyes stretch, herringbone paving tile blue lake water Lingling, as if blowing shells can be broken, don’t even say that several light lowered and the spherical crystal chandeliers, such as floating in the air bubbles, a dreamy and fascinating scene. Want to live up to the first to have a wonderful delicacy kitchen is also a kitchen with white color collocation, seemingly identical but different colors, have lamented the all-match always people baikanbuyan. Shades of hexagonal tiles to spell out the gradient effect peculiar to create a different kind of beauty. In the waiting time in the baking process, and even have the opportunity to take a book to sit down and read quietly. Want to live up to the first to have a wonderful delicacy kitchen is also very all-match than white gray, more introverted, less than the black deep gray kitchen, from the inside to the outside exudes intellectual temperament. Corresponding with the cabinet panel smooth wall is well-proportioned depth, in a uniform color to add a rich level. Want to live up to the first to have the delicacy is really a fascinating thing a beautiful kitchen kitchen with windows, cooking time is accompanied by the sun is full of happiness. White wood color collocation cabinet cabinet, the geometry of the wall to be neutralized, form a perfect visual scale. Want to live up to the gourmet first to have a beautiful kitchen in the kitchen to use black, but did not make the kitchen seems depressing boring, which must be attributed to the open design and clever color collocation. The panel on the left side of the wood to a certain extent to achieve the visual segmentation, geometry and color tile jumping brings a dynamic spirit, as for black integration, has no negative effects too big. Want to live up to the first to have a gourmet kitchen many people prefer simple and clean kitchen, there are also many people want the kitchen can have a richer color. The kitchen itself should not be too fancy, may wish to start from the local. Such as the use of tiles to add high saturation color, or a brilliant chair.相关的主题文章: