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WE: we see the next tribute failure but is Nirvana before baptism while WE and IM in the five match regret the defeat, but they are definitely not a loser, this year we see from the game WE five one after another to grow up, the loss will only make them better self achievement. "Congratulations to IM!" Score freeze frame, 3:2. At a distance of S6 is only 5 minutes remaining time in IM a desperate moment, on a single AmazingJ wonderful TP around, with his teammates to form double trend, execute WE four off, a wave of red crystal, the end of the game. Cinderella and rebirth say WE and IM showdown, giants and grass root, and the traditional giants entering the League Cinderella contest. It does look like this, but in fact, WE left the S arena for 1423 days. They have been encouraged during the 328 games, experienced 1 times nearly degradation test sample 4 playoff failure results, to get a chance to challenge fate station in S match threshold before today. Compared with them, only to rival IM LPL for 4 months, the first time in the playoffs, the first hit bubble game, are the new company. "We have experienced so many hardships, why the fate will favor a new competitive?" but never believe in tears, never sad pity. This, in a smile go, WE fans should have know that the king, still retains the development ability of the world’s top reaction and unparalleled in the world, even if the state has a slight decline, but still enough to become a world-class ADC. But he is still powerless, after S2 regret missing the opportunity to win, for second consecutive years, fell on the front of the S contest. This makes him downhearted, but also directly to the WE Dynasty painting. The next step is the painful process of phoenix. The 2013 season two consecutive first round playoff defeat of OMG spring 2014 season after season negative EDG, lost IG, just missed the playoffs for the summer season. Will it be silent? Inheritance is never fame, but the backbone to the beginning of 2015, in addition to the WE rich layer of coat, the rest of the distress everywhere: powerless in Korea in the tide of capital aid club, old and young, lean echelon, stumbled straight into the relegation zone to kill record. But in all down and back, the hidden tiger down WE inheritance does not fall ". In March 2015, when the WE in the LPL regular season countdown to the first identity to the IEM9 finals, we can from the aruac flashed on the train to see the old WE Sean determination, we can see the innovation of old WE from Xi you see on the bright moon night, ADC swept the world glory EZ body we can from the first end of the brother-in-law ni. Precious runner up IEM9, is the old WE map in the first song on the new WE. From that moment, many WE fans believe that glory will come sooner or later, good wine is not afraid of chen. This is the start of the 2016 season, the "thigh" Spirt WE fled to Europe, but Yuezhanyueyong, honed forming fundamental secret: do a cybersports;相关的主题文章: