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Weather experts predict Chinese will welcome the "cold winter" – thus reducing haze or Beijing News Agency in Beijing on 1 November, (Chen Su), even to several cold air invasion Chinese, much of the north into the "frozen" mode, this Chinese winter seems to come earlier than usual some. Meteorological experts predict that this winter Chinese is most likely to usher in the "cold winter", South to disaster, freezing rain and snow alert at the same time, the haze is expected to decrease in this winter. Why did you come so early this winter? "Cold winter" say again come from? Academician of the Academy of engineering, Chinese special adviser Chinese Meteorological Bureau Ding said that this year Chinese cold winter high probability is affected by the La nina. La Nina refers to the equatorial Pacific sea temperature than normal cold phenomenon. According to the monitoring of the National Climate Center, the central and eastern equatorial Pacific in August to enter the state of La nina. In September, the SST anomaly in the equatorial Middle East Pacific was -0.61, which was 0.08 degrees lower than in August. Generally speaking, every year the winter Chinese La Nina, is cold. "This winter the North may be colder than usual, especially in the previous winter (December); the South and the middle reaches of the Yangtze River will be relatively warm. By 1, February, the temperature may be colder than in the previous winter." Ding Yi Hui said. At the beginning of 2008, China south of the freezing rain and snow disaster is affected by the La Nina effect, so many people worried about this year’s snow or will appear again. Ding Yihui believes that this worry is not without reason, can foreknow, La Nina brings cold to the ecosystem will bring certain influence China. Ding said that the first electricity and transportation field, the low temperature in winter, heating will consume more energy; secondly, also have an impact on traffic, disaster comes during the Spring Festival at the beginning of 2008 the freezing rain and snow, the impact on traffic is comprehensive; at the same time, in the background of global warming, ecological system have the habit of warm environment, the sudden cold of them also have a certain impact. Cold state, meteorological experts pointed out that this winter will reduce haze or Chinese. China researcher at the Institute of Atmospheric Physics Zheng Fei said that in the context of La Nina, the probability of winter in the cold winter of more than 80%, in the situation of the cold, cold air more frequently, he also comes some more. In the case of the north wind is not conducive to the accumulation of air pollutants, atmospheric diffusion conditions, the haze may be less. (end)相关的主题文章: