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Wei Jianjun: WEY SUV luxury positioning and the Harvard cooperative development Sohu automobile [Abstract] the Guangzhou auto show in 2016 November 18th officially kicked off, the show featured 1130 vehicles, 19 sets of concept cars, the world’s first car 56 units, of which multinational companies start 7 sets. A total of 146 new energy vehicles, of which domestic enterprises exhibition car, Taiwan, foreign enterprises exhibition car 97 units of 49. Sohu cars will be the first time for you to show the car industry feast. The following is an interview with Great Wall Motor Company chairman Wei Jianjun. Great Wall Motor Company chairman Wei Jianjun Sohu car: we are very curious about the WEY brand positioning difference and the Harvard brand is what? What are the characteristics of the WEY brand? How to coordinate the two SUV Red Sea market competition? Wei Jianjun: we know that SUV is very fire, the growth rate is very fast, this phenomenon is not globalization, but in China is particularly evident. SUV category was originally subdivided, and now it is obvious to see that their own brands are basically 150 thousand yuan of the following car, $150 thousand – $200 thousand SUV is the leading foreign investment. The Great Wall is a manufacturer that specializes in SUV, the Harvard model is very popular with everyone concerned, so far, everyone is recognized, the price at 10 yuan to 150 thousand yuan. Recently released WEY is located in 150 thousand yuan – 200 thousand yuan interval models. Harvard is located in economic type SUV, WEY positioning in the luxury SUV, the two market is not too much conflict. 100 thousand yuan of the following models, $5000 is a subdivision of the crowd, between 100 thousand and 150 thousand yuan is a subdivision of the crowd, more than $150 thousand may be 20 thousand yuan as a subdivision. There is no conflict between WEY and Harvard, not a high-end brand, but high-end products, put it inside the harvard. Each company’s high-end product sales are not large, the two are collaborative, there is no direct conflict. Sohu automobile: please talk about the development of the research and development system in recent years, especially the positive research and development aspects, in the creation of WEY brand, which can give support? Wei Jianjun: the system has improved a lot in the past few years, we have a large number of experts, including organizational structure and R & D system, we tend to focus on the Japanese approach. For example, the development of links, went through channels, every step is very clear. According to the needs of business and procedures, we have adopted the Japanese organization, architecture, because they are very clear process. Even some tools, including quality tools, management tools, personnel training tools are Japanese, because their model is very mature. In this way, we can shorten the development cycle, reduce the cost of development, improve the efficiency of development. Some products are challenges of consciousness, such as the development of a car, for six months, although not complete, no challenge is successful, but because we are eight months made, compared to the previous practice of saving a year. In this process, we find a lot of interesting things, these are the talent to bring us to change. Foreign colleagues hands-on ability is very strong, the lack of domestic hard education and textbooks. De.相关的主题文章: