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Wenzhou city gas explosion Sichuan Museum caused 1 people were killed and 7 injured – Beijing Zhejiang online news November 7th (evening news reporter Wang Yi) more than 10 o’clock yesterday morning, Wenzhou District of Lucheng Kang Xing Lu and Hong Wah Road intersection, a company called "Sichuan Shaoye" Sichuan restaurant, sudden gas explosion, the accident caused 7 people were injured, one person died. From the scene, the explosion is very strong, not only destroyed the store, more than 10 meters of the road guardrail is shock wave down, a car parked in the vicinity of the car was flying glass shot holes, just detonated a bomb. Witnesses said the billboards restaurant even flew to a beauty shop 30 meters, a beautician head is scratched. According to a witness named Shi Qin said, when she suddenly heard a bang a loud noise, and then saw the next door, Sichuan master went to the store to ask for help. Qianjiang Evening News reporter on the scene saw the explosion on the restaurant is the residential building, the street road width of 10 meters, a row across the central iron fence. After the incident, a row of fence were pushed to the ground, the length of twenty or thirty meters. The restaurant drink shop opposite the beauty consultant Miss Zhang also witnessed the explosion of the scene, she said the explosion occurred at about 10:16, a huge explosion sound, they are more than 30 meters apart and restaurants, but the restaurant billboards blown to the beauty shop, thanks to the cabinet to block it, but drop the glass or a beautician shop head. Evening news reporter learned that, after the explosion, shop around a mess, across the street stores and many cars around the glass windows were shattered, spilled on the ground a large glass slag. Some car hit by flying debris, the body in a disastrous state. Some netizens said, where the gas explosion occurred, in my home downstairs, was wearing pants, scared pants off!" Yesterday afternoon, the relevant departments of Wenzhou, Lucheng released official micro-blog news, confirmed the accident caused by gas explosion. Reporters learned that the so-called flash explosion, refers to the gas encountered in a relatively closed space in a fire explosion, did not burn, caused by the main shock wave is hurt. After receiving the alarm, Wenzhou City, Lucheng District, two levels of government in the first time to organize personnel rushed to the scene, police, fire, safety supervision, health meter, comprehensive law enforcement departments and street quickly disposed of, and the injured rescue personnel rushed to the hospital, and cordoned off, mass evacuation, prevent the occurrence of secondary accidents. Related sources, the explosion of this restaurant is the use of cylinder gas, they were in the explosion, the surrounding gas pipeline was checked to see if there is no damage. In addition, taking into account the safety factor, the residential area near the gas was temporarily disabled. Qianjiang Evening News reporter learned from the hospital, after the explosion, the hospital treated a total of 8 wounded, 7 of them currently in stable condition, after 1 people died. According to insiders, the injured, there are staff, but also just happened to pass by the restaurant near passers-by. As of yesterday afternoon at 3,.相关的主题文章: