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Home-and-Family So you’ve just purchased a boat and a recreational vehicle. Now your next step is to find a place in which to keep them. Contrary to what you might be thinking, this is not at all a problem as there are many storage facilities out there designed particularly for this purpose. You do have a wide variety of choices. But, of course, you need to consider some important points before deciding on the storage facility with which you can confidently entrust your boat and RV. Consider the price charged for the storage service. Do not hesitate to ask about discounts or any other possible arrangements that will allow you to save on storage fees.Next, ensure the boat and RV storage are secure. A number of features characterize a secure premise. These include a high perimeter wall, surveillance cameras and electronic locks. The storage facility should have 24-hour security personnel and equipment to ensure that your possessions are well-guarded.Obtain a boat and RV storage facility that is large enough to allow free movement within the storage area. Avoid cramped up facilities because this will only restrict movement within the storage area. A storage facility that is not spacious enough is precarious because you risk damaging your vehicle as you enter or exit the facility.Always cover the boat and RV with a protective sheet made of appropriate material. This will protect it from dust and moisture. Also, arrange for the cleaning of the facility. For a minimal fee, you may also choose to have the storage owners do the cleaning for you. When choosing the type of storage you need, keep in mind that there are four types of boat and RV storage available. The first type is the enclosed unit, which totally covers the boat and RV. This facility also .es with amenities such as heat and light. The second type of self storage is covered parking of three sides only and does not offer any amenities. The third storage option is to park your RV and boat covered with a canopy. However, it does not offer any protection from the wind. The last option is an open parking with a gate. The RV and boat are exposed to atmospheric elements. Thus, you should provide cover for the RV and the boat for protection. You also need to take precautionary measures when using a self storage facility. The facility should be free of any type of .bustible or explosive materials. Ensure that all fuel is drained off the RV and the boat. This measure is intended to eliminate risk of fire. Never f.et about insurance before you sign any lease agreements for the storage of your possessions. This is the only way you can safeguard your assets against risks that may occur. It would be a good idea to take a photo of your boat and RV if you decide to keep it in a storage facility where there are other boats and RVs kept in it. This will assist in indemnifying you in case of a fire or any other accidents. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: