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When the iPhone7 queue at the pre-sale, thousand yuan dual camera cool1 dual has been selling hi technology Sohu years Apple iP hone turned out, the mobile phone simply dragged into the era of intelligent machines, in the words of Jobs iPhone, the hardware and software in the 5 years ahead of other manufacturers. Over the past nine years, apple iPhone 7 Plus dual camera as the main selling point of release, in the mobile phone market Chinese thousand dual camera flagship cool1dual has online and offline sales. Apple has from the way ahead innovation leader, in order to follow the footsteps of the market gradually become followers? Why can Chinese mobile phone enterprises one step ahead in the hot technology grasp? Need to define hardware, innovation does not ask the source of Apple’s changes in the market a lot of comments, but let Apple lose the advantage of what is the real reason for it? In fact, the growth model of smart phones has undergone tremendous changes. Over the years, apple with lead on hardware and software, let Android intelligent mobile phone has been chasing the position, so shipments accounted for more than Android of intelligent mobile phone giant, has been driven by the parameters or the upstream chip. Today, the advantage of apple on a chip has been catch up and even surpass, all kinds of intelligent mobile phone based on the user experience on the "gap" in the rapidly shrinking, the user will no longer meet the basic feature phone, discerning taste better. Therefore, this growth model in the smart phone tends to saturation, the sharp increase in the volume of shipments narrowed today, its source of power has disappeared. So, we can see a lot of companies are doing micro innovation, which is usually based on the actual application of minimally invasive or user pain points to drive. For example, iPhone 7 Plus double photo is this type of innovation, but also can really meet the needs of users, stimulate new consumer desire. However, unlike in the past has been this innovation is a great company of the United States alone, before the launch of iPhone 7 Plus in apple, China has many manufacturers launched a high-end mobile phone dual camera, even thousands of Yuan flagship mobile phone cool1 dual, has long been the double perturbation technology on a large scale to consumers. There are many similar examples, such as fast charge, when the fall of 2016 iPhone 7 is still owed, the Android camp, a number of vendors have been fast charging as the main selling point of popularity. The technology innovation advanced directly into the practice of Volkswagen models like cool1 dual this also represents the current intelligent mobile phone market, as long as the new trend of innovation, innovation, it is possible to talent shows itself in the next round. Channel change, no one can change this natural Dushou single channel intelligent mobile phone growth model, mobile phone channel has changed dramatically. In the past drive mode, the phone’s parameters represent the user experience, performance is the last word, refused to run a point, we all recognized. After the change of the driving mode, parameters, running points have been more and more ignored by users, micro innovation or point of innovation driven mode, the user’s personal experience becomes more important, like the camera effect.相关的主题文章: