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When the dog man did not forget to pull the door "cheap" 6 days 6 times that " succeeded; caution, " people everywhere in life more heart, security is more of a guarantee. Since September, Changzhou City, Wujin police repeatedly received a public warning, said the stolen cars parked on the roadside. The police through the retrieval of surveillance, found the Zhuantou roadside valuables inside the car thief. Upon review, the suspect was a retired old man, walking in the early morning when the opportunity to pull the door to pick up cheap " " 6, 6 days of theft succeeded. The morning when the dog pulled roadside car door, 6 days in September 6th 6 succeeded in stealing 7 am, who lives near the Spark Road Hutang town Wujin district a district of Mr. Peng as usual came to the area outside the roadside, ready to drive to work, after entering the car found on the evening of 5 two cigarettes in the passenger seat no see, Mr. Peng immediately alarm, immediately commence the investigation of Metro police station after receiving the alarm, and the case with the recent case of several property theft car series and police through the retrieval of surveillance visits and found a man suspected of dog. Subsequently, the police tracked all the way according to surveillance video, the man arrested in the residence. Upon review, the suspect Xu, more than and 60 years old this year, staying in a residential area in Hutang, 4 in the morning every day, he will go out to walk the dog, the early bird catches the worm, and Xu is the initiation of the intention. Because there are many residential owners will be parked on the road outside the car, which has become the goal of xu. Xu said " I think if the car unlocked, can also take something out of the " then, Xu from the beginning of September 1st, when the dog every morning, a car pulled the car parked roadside door, wanted to try his luck, " " how is it a few cars did not lock the door, then Xu into the car to steal property. Xu theft on the street to pull the door since September 1st repeatedly confessed to the crime, at present, Xu suspicion of theft has been under criminal detention, the case is still under further review. Police remind the owners to stay in mind, that can leave the " locked doors and windows; Xu suspects theft, is trying to pull the door handle. But it can be a few days in a number of successful, this is the reason why the careless owner forgot to lock the door or not close the window. " Metro police investigators Wang Qi said. The alarm of the thieves do not need " technical unlocking " nothing, smashing the windows, just my luck pulling the door, but the car theft of property, which often succeed " luck ", enough to prove that some owners of parking too careless. Wang Qi introduction, such cases in the case of the car door to pull the car theft prone to residential areas, remote sections of the road, shopping malls supermarkets, restaurants and other places, so when parking in these places should pay particular attention to. In this case, the Wujin police to remind the majority of the car to develop a good habit of parking, first of all, the conditions to stop the car in the parking lot of people, really want to stop at the roadside, the best.相关的主题文章: