When the old man conceal his family when the death of security accident claims more than 60 yuan ghost observer

The old man conceal age when security accident family claims more than 60 yuan – Beijing winter outdoor booth duty next fainted died the family sued the company claims more than 60 security over sixty years old Peng, who was forced to conceal age to Beijing to do security, but last winter one day, the old man suddenly fainted in the Peng next to the booth, after she died. To this end, the old man Peng family will security company to court, to claim the loss of more than 60 yuan. Court of first instance security company compensation 26 yuan. After the security company refused to accept the appeal, the recent case of the second instance in Beijing City Court hearing. Plaintiff: the old man fainted death claims 600 thousand Peng family members of the old man said, Peng old man was born in 1952, starting in 2014 and signed a labor contract with the defendant security company, engaged in security work. The security company designated a unit on duty in the old Peng Jiashuyuan booth, responsible for carrying out of the vehicle’s brake lever, charge parking fees etc.. Peng man work 30 days a week, work attendance, vacation or holidays Sunday or never off. Due to the perennial work day and 8 hours a day regardless of winter and summer to stand in the outdoor work, Peng old man body fatigue, in November 21st last year to start work at 6 in the morning, to 9 points, collapsed in the next work. Security captain call emergency telephone, sent to hospital by ambulance treatment, was diagnosed with hypertension, cerebral hemorrhage, coma, died the next day. The old man Peng recruited more than 60 years old, has exceeded the statutory retirement age, the labor dispute arbitration committee for labor arbitration Peng family old work-related applications will not be accepted, the family members to the court, the security requirements of companies including compensation for death compensation totaling more than 60 yuan. The defendant should bear responsibility: hide security company argued that the age of entry, Peng man forged identity card to the company for a security guard. The ID card, Peng old man was 52 years old, in line with the conditions of employment. The company asked him to provide a copy of the ID card and photos, and arranged for him to participate in the training of security guards in Beijing, the examination made a security officer. On the day of the incident, Peng old man’s work time is 6 to 10 in the morning, from 2 to 6 p.m.. 10:30 in the morning, Peng old man suddenly collapsed in the dormitory after work. His colleagues, security monitor call 120 emergency phone, and security captain will be escorted to the hospital for treatment, while the old man told reporters to the hospital. The company believes that the old man is in Peng after work, due to their own reasons for the disease, does not belong to the working hours, because of work reasons of the death, the onset time of the plaintiff said Peng man is at 9 in the morning with the facts. Security company said that the fact that Peng old man in the application of security guards work, the actual age of 62 years old, has exceeded the statutory retirement age, does not meet the conditions of security guards. Peng old man forged identity cards to defraud the security officer’s work. "I am not a general employer, but a professional security company, the security officer has a strict age requirements for recruitment. If he uses the real ID card to apply for, because it has exceeded the statutory retirement age, our company can not相关的主题文章: