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Why does a trader suddenly bet that gold will plummet? The fed to the real thing? Sina fund exposure platform: letter Phi lags behind false propaganda, long-term performance is lower than similar products, how to buy funds pit? Click [I want to complain], Sina help you expose them! FX168 financial newspaper (Hongkong) news from the Fed’s resolution is only a few trading days on the occasion of the occasion, a trader seems to be a big bet, bet gold will therefore be subject to pressure decline. Thursday (September 15th), a large number of investors to buy the option expires in October, Newmont mining, $1.23 per share, or $123 per option contract. Because need Newmont closed at $34.77 below the transaction to make a profit, the traders bet the ore prices will decline by more than 10% in a month. At this time, gold and gold mining companies seem to be weakening. Gold surged by more than 24% this year, but has been in a downward trend since its efforts to break free of the summer. Gold mining enterprises this year soared more than 90%, but because of concerns about the Fed’s interest rate hike is approaching, its recent decline. Foreign blog site Crossing Wall editor Eddy Elfenbein pointed out that, in fact, the Fed’s interest rate hike or the reason for this transaction is in the interest of the Street. "Driving the trend of mining enterprises is the actual short-term interest rates," Elfenbein told CNBC on Thursday, "the higher the interest rate, the gold and gold mining enterprises increasingly unfavorable. That is why the market is keeping a close eye on the Fed and next week’s meeting." Although Elfenbein does not think the Fed decided to raise interest rates at next week’s meeting, but he warned that once the Fed unexpectedly raised interest rates, gold will face disaster. Interest rates may push up the dollar, which will eventually hurt gold. In addition, when interest rates rise, gold tends to fall, given that gold will not yield, so the higher interest rates will make it look worse. The rise in interest rates will make gold burned, I think this is very bad for the mining enterprises, "said Elfenbein," rose in after, recently we have seen some mining enterprises callback. They will suffer more in the future." According to the Chicago Mercantile Exchange FedWatch tools, traders expect the fed to raise interest rates next week, the probability of 15%, higher than Thursday’s 12%. But focusing on the option of hedge fund Malachite Jake Weinig believes that the traders certainly believe that the probability of interest rate hike in September is higher than 15% in the year of Capital. "If we can get some hints about the point hike, then you will see the market and gold will be sold a lot," he said, "I think this is where the bet on the exact reason: a investors bet on next week may raise interest rates, if the interest rate hike, which will benefit." It is worth mentioning that, according to Bloomberg reported on Thursday, before the Fed meeting next week, Cohen &, Steers cut the gold configuration. Proof: Jun on shore相关的主题文章: