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Why Zhong Tianhua abandon Guangdong mobile Alibaba? Sohu technology, according to media reports, informed sources broke the news that the former chairman of the Guangdong mobile Zhong Tianhua officially joined the Alibaba, served as vice president, reporting to Alibaba CEO Zhang Yong. Although the news has not been the official response of Alibaba, but it is really very high probability. Another telecom operators executives joined the ranks of Internet Co, is also in this year, China Mobile Marketing Department General Manager Gao as AsiaInfo group CEO, general manager of China Telecom marketing department Liu Ping turnover will be transferred to China peace group investment director, chairman of investment safety wind. Of course, Zhong Tianhua left China Mobile, may not be subjective voluntary, but "compelling". Statistics show that since 2006 Zhejiang Tianhua bell mobile party secretary, chairman and general manager, in August 2013 moved from Zhejiang transferred to Guangdong mobile. The industry knows, Guangdong mobile is the largest volume of China Mobile group in the provincial branch, with nearly 1/3 of China Mobile revenue and market share, the company’s chairman and general manager is not only one of the princes, more is fengjiangdali, China Mobile internal weighty. However, Guangdong Mobile chairman general manager is not fleeting, before and after a few leading all make a storm, Li Gang left China Unicom, Xu Long anti accident, but Zhong Tianhua also fell on the road patrol. In accordance with the public statement, because of its move to Guangdong was found irregularities, and was dismissed. Of course, the problem may not be serious, it does not involve personal corruption, so just dismissed it, and this removal is also paving the way for its entry into the Alibaba. According to media and industry insiders say, Zhong Tianhua in the industry to lead the pragmatic style of famous, Zhejiang mobile does not take the unusual way, work on the development of 4G quickly, become the country’s example. Later, as the representatives of the two sessions have proposed to speed up the revision of the Internet information service management approach, the proposed mobile phone real name system implemented. Of course, during the 2012 NPC and CPPCC, Zhong Tianhua will not eat chicken compared to flow back by friends Tucao, a public figure. In 2014, the National People’s Congress, the general manager of China Mobile Guangdong Zhong Tianhua given medical prescription: it is recommended to make full use of information technology, to develop digital medical services, medical services, promote information transparency, equalization. In 2014, Zhong Tianhua proposed the construction of personal information security protection four firewall: the first firewall is a system of personal information security protection system. Promote the personal information security protection act as soon as possible legislation, so as to obtain according to law, according to the law, according to law". Second firewall is the personal information service industry norms and regulation. Formulate relevant industry standards, strengthen the collection of personal information, storage and use of the norms of behavior; to promote industry self-regulation, the formation of self-improvement, self-improvement mechanism. The third firewall is the technical ability of personal information security protection. Increase support for the information security industry, enterprises, projects, strengthen the development and application of information security technology. Fourth "firewall" is the whole society?相关的主题文章: