Winter Festival – Perquin, El Salvador-onavo protect

UnCategorized Do you want to travel in Central America and search for new places where you can spend your vacation with? One of the best countries that you may want to consider exploring is El Salvador. You will find a long history about El Salvador back in the Spanish era. And one of the most interesting towns to travel to in this place is Perquin. Way back then Perquin was known to be the guerilla capital, but nowadays it is a peaceful town where you can definitely spend your vacation as you get to join a variety of festivals. In Perquin they celebrate art and music festival every year in the first week of August to celebrate the Peace Accords. Artist from all over the region .e to exhibit their work. Travelers can witness the musical acts and dance groups from other .munities of Morazan and Bajo Lempa perform. All over the town you will find stands with souvenirs overstuffed with jewelry, mag.s, pictures of la virgen, other various other items and booths selling local foods. This festival is especially popular among the young crowd but anyone can enjoy it. There are other things to do, like visiting the famous museum that Perquin boasts, featuring photos, testimonies, and artifacts during the Guerra. As you get to join the festival you’ll be able to enjoy your stay and look for other things to enjoy as you spend your vacation in this town. Aside from the festivals held here, what makes Perquin more interesting is its scenic mountain town. Such scenery offers visitors both the natural beauty and history that they are mostly interested with. You can as well enjoy sunny weather most of the time but there are times that you may experience some rain during your stay. Now, you are probably wondering how you will be able to do all these things and get around to experience everything for the duration of the festival or during your stay. Let’s say that you speak Spanish, you can actually request for a guided tour from one of the locals. Probably if you can get hold of a former guerilla, you can get more information about history and be able to educate yourself about the stories behind this kind of festive event. Perquin is one place that you should consider to go to if you plan to travel in Central America. Take note that their Winter Festival takes place in the first week of August which is one event that you shouldn’t miss. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: