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The Olympic Games in Pingchang will welcome the 500 day countdown to the opening of the Korean Olympic Committee to actively prepare – Beijing, Beijing, September 26, according to South Korean media reports, the Pingchang Winter Olympic Games will be held February 2018 9-25 in Gangwon Pingchang County, Jiangling city and jeongseon County held. 27, 2009, Pingchang will usher in the countdown to the opening of the Winter Olympics for 500 days. Pingchang had in 2003 and 2007 for the Winter Olympics, but twice in the second round of voting crashed, until 2011 to win more than half the advantage in the first round of voting, so popular South Korean people pay attention to support. Pingchang Winter Olympic slogan is "" (Passion Connected), South Korea will highlight the economic, peaceful, environmental and cultural themes during the preparation process. The scale of more than 5 thousand sports delegations from 100 countries will gather in Pingchang for the 15 Winter Olympics, 102 gold medal. The Olympic Games will be held in 12 games, 6 of them new stadium, stadium construction total funding of 872 billion 300 million won (about 5 billion 270 million yuan), the total project has completed 88% years is expected to be basically completed. The Pingchang Olympic Organizing Committee Chairman Li Xifan said 26 days after the closing of the Rio Olympics, the focus of global sports fans to the Pingchang Winter Olympics, the next 500 days of the success of winter is extremely important, venues, facilities, accommodation, transportation, and other hardware preparation and enhance the competition capability of operation and management software preparations are on schedule smoothly. Olympic volunteer recruitment has attracted more than 6.9 people to sign up.相关的主题文章: