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Winter tonic, ancient brewed gelatin cake – Sohu and love there is only a good mother, a mother of a child like a treasure……" Winter day, early in the morning my mother came to my house, bring up the night before with good Yellow Wine soaked gelatin, that is to get some gelatin cake, give me some blood. Oh ~ ~ love gelatin cake early to eat, only lazy until now to write. Although now refined sesame walnut gelatin cake buy very convenient, but they brewed some more real? Not to mention the mother personally by the ancient brewed, not a donkey skin smell fragrant, it was delicious! Materials: gelatin 4, Yellow Wine amount, sugar grams, grams of walnut kernels, black sesame, disposable grams of wolfberry. Practice: 1, gelatin into a large container, pour on a good Yellow Wine, can not drink gelatin soaked hours, soaked gelatin will have some melted; add sugar 2, gelatin, together with a container into a pot, water stew stew, 3; from time to time when using chopsticks or spoon stirring to promote the gelatin melts, gelatin solution time stew in at least half hours; 4, to completely dissolve the gelatin and gelatin, looks very delicate and thick, can use chopsticks to stir up a slide like ribbons; 5, stewed black sesame, washed with water after stir fry 6, walnut; in the oven baking minutes, cool after the break into small pieces (two steps, if slow, too late to worry in the stew before); 7, walnut, sesame, wolfberry with fast mix gelatin, while hot into a small first wipe the press oil pan and smooth; 8, cool cuts out, stored in airtight containers, eat with the. Indeed, for gelatin cake woman, especially a woman but the deficiency of Qi and blood, nourishing blood and gelatin cake with beauty, laxative, improve immunity, comprehensive health care effect, so it is not only for women, more than need everyone can eat tonic! Small tips: 1, Ejiao day in advance by a good the Yellow River soak, one can remove the miso incense, two is 2, can speed up the melting of gelatin; adding gelatin in walnut, sesame to grilled or fried, medlar if not disposable, need to dry after cleaning, can also be added as needed what, like 3 red dates; sweet, can increase the amount of added sugar, walnuts, sesame, wolfberry, red dates and other ingredients of the ratio can be adjusted according to your preference, as long as the amount of added ingredients to dissolve the gelatin with end on it. Love Anna delicacy pro, you can subscribe to the media publications, Xinyi delicacy! Mobile browser ing, anytime, anywhere to see…… Method 1: search for "Xinyi delicacy" subscription in the Sohu news client; method 2: use the WeChat mobile phone subscription sweep.相关的主题文章: