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The woman sitting around the car network to poor frequency by strangers friends offer (Figure) the afternoon of September 20th, Yibin (micro-blog) Lee suddenly received a strange message, questioned why the poor. In the communication network with the owner of the message about the car owners, and received a lot of strangers to add WeChat friends. After the micro friends who sent a message to the requirements of Ms. Lee about, Ms. Lee can not afford to disturb the police for help. 21, 2009, after the police involved in the investigation, the owner of the network Yang admitted that he and his friends spread Lee’s remarks on the dignity of Lee’s personality, and then released a phone call ms.. Currently, Ms. Lee has accepted each other’s apology, the police imposed a fine of 500 yuan per person for administrative penalties. Encountered harassment, strangers frequently add friends to about September 20th at 4:59 in the afternoon, Ms. Lee in the South Bank of Yibin a unit of work, suddenly received a strange number of messages sent to mobile phone: "beauty, you are not honest Oh, the city already blocked. If you don’t understand, give me a star! Eat much ah?" Ms. Lee was the sudden message got confused, think of yourself on the morning of September 6th, take the network about the owner Mr. Lee’s car, for more than an hour to bypass their late, she gave poor. Lee immediately responded to each other, to explain the reasons for the poor. The other side immediately replied: "do not say to the face, after the gun interesting? Did I make a circle? Your sister!" On both sides of you a word when I argue, Ms. Lee found that WeChat has always been a stranger to add her friends. There are more than and 10 people in the next more than and 10 minutes. Ms. Lee felt curious by the first stranger, the other immediately sent a message: "can Wanna date me? How many meters (money)?" Ms. Lee through second, the other side is actually about, and talk about the opening price. "There is in Yibin and its surrounding area, but also outside the province, claiming to be a Qinghai man in Xining, phone harassment for more than and 10 minutes, and asked if I could go to Xining." Ms. Lee said, she immediately asked to send text messages to her man, the other said not to reveal the phone. Ms. Lee said the alarm, the other is not afraid. Ms. Lee told the Chengdu Daily reporter, as of the morning of 21, a total of more than and 30 strangers are talking about her and WeChat, are some of the more blatant harassment and direct content, to make a phone call, there are more than and 10 people. At midnight, harassment information throughout the night due Lee unbearable, lover suddenly called and said that someone will call Ms. Lee said to trick prostitute telephone, hair on the internet. Ms. Li is not to mess with people by telephone users. Lee explained for a long time, love people believe she was about the owner of the network frame. He (Ms. Lee’s wife) was a little angry at that time, someone sent the information to his friends to play the WeChat group, and his friend saw the phone and asked him." In order to figure out who announced his telephone, Ms. Lee and his friends talk quietly with micro. Soon someone sent screenshots show, called a "Yibin historical and cultural exchange" group, is called "Jian brother" of users in the afternoon of 20 17 09, issued a "trick prostitute information", the content is very explicit, the telephone is Lee hand fan相关的主题文章: