World Food Program to aid 140 thousand North Korean victims villages have been washed away (video)-aquaria

The world food programme will aid 140 thousand North Korean victims: villages washed away North flood field exposure unarmed masses stone flood resistance Reference News Network reported on September 16th Japanese media said, the World Food Programme (WFP) recently said that the disaster in northern North Korea in the flood of 140 thousand people to implement emergency food aid. According to Kyodo News reported on September 14th, WFP was originally distributed to 44 thousand people for 7 days of nutrition biscuits and biscuits for 30 days, but with the expansion of the disaster, WFP additional support of the people of the 96 thousand. It is reported that, although the WFP is estimated to have about 140 thousand victims, but there are still unable to confirm the affected areas, so the figure is likely to rise further. Reported that, WFP official pointed out that "entire villages have been washed away, farmers lost livestock, vegetable and other property". Because of flooding in the harvest period, WFP believes that the need for sustained food aid, and is expected to require $1 million 200 thousand in emergency aid, to August 2017, a total of $21 million. The tenth typhoon this year, "Lion Rock" brought heavy rains caused the flood, the UN Office for the coordination of Humanitarian Affairs (OCHA), as of 12 North Korean government has confirmed 133 deaths, 395 people missing.相关的主题文章: