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The world Internet Conference. "Wuzhen time" highlights the first look – Sohu technology CNR network Beijing on November 16th news (reporter Wang Siyuan Chen Lei) according to voice of the economy, "the world of finance" reported today to 18, the third world Internet Conference held in Zhejiang in Wuzhen. The world Internet Conference will be written in the international Internet governance China scheme, "innovation drive to benefit mankind — to build cyberspace community of destiny" as the theme. The quiet town of Jiangnan once again opened the Wuzhen time, but also gathered in the eyes of the world. Reporter: experience into the Millennium Wuzhen feel full of Internet elements into Wuzhen, means and history accidentaly across. With the simple and beautiful stone street, bridge water occasionally dotted, mottled grey walls, black tiles, wooden windows…… Time seems to stop at some point in the past. When visitors do, years of heritage here into ineffable calm and calm. As the Millennium Village of Wuzhen, mellow flavor; the Internet as the center of Wuzhen, young. Today, people not only through the Wuzhen channel, extending in all directions even on both sides of the bridge hook magic picture to describe the "poetic Wuzhen Internet". Around the urban and rural areas, within reach of the wisdom of the people’s livelihood, and the Internet industry blossom everywhere come in a throng frontier project, as well as the hometown of "Internet" and continue to inspire the vigorous entrepreneurial passion of Wuzhen people, the Internet is already really in the remodeling of Wuzhen Xian Mingli syndrome. Really into Wuzhen, you will find that the Internet has infiltrated its texture. Here, the power of the Internet everywhere. Here is the most comfortable environment of wireless network and electronic payment, purchase over town shops, tasted each delicacy stalls, do not have to spend a penny of cash. The old hostel here, there are 70% orders from online booking. Order, do not have to call the waiter, "sweep code", the food to the table; a taxi, do not stretch arm, sweep code, the car to the front; there is no understanding of the problem, sweep code, at a glance…… Here the Wifi speed, download speed of 20Mbps, uplink also has 10Mbps, much faster than most of the family 4M to 10M broadband, so, Wuzhen people’s life is full of Internet elements. Reporter: spoilers brush eye or replace brush face unmanned vehicle on the road we will need to buy a ticket into the area, now in Wuzhen, as long as you brush face on the line, entry ID left face information in and out of Wuzhen by brush face can be easily completed. However, in the future, may not need to brush the face, direct brush on the line. Following the introduction of the face recognition technology based on the brush face payment, the ant gold service in this year’s World Internet Conference will showcase the brush payment". According to reports, as long as the user is staring at the intelligent mobile phone camera, turn the eye to the sides, the software will be able to analyze the distribution of ocular vascular camera images, establish ID unique data for the user, the user’s eyes will become that "I" password. It is said that the pure biological technology software accuracy rate can reach 99.99%, more accurate than the face and voice of biotechnology, and the ratio of iris.相关的主题文章: