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Wuhan officials paid auction gifts: 880 thousand shopping card 7.8 Zheqi shot – Beijing auction mainly for electronic products, wine and other categories of 690 shopping card auction officials collect what gift? Two auctions in Wuhan will give the answer. In November 19th, the Wuhan public house on the third floor of No. four auction hall will hold two auctions, the auction is the staff of the Wuhan party and government organs to the items, including shopping cards, jewelry, collectibles, electronic products, wine and so on. Beijing Youth Daily reporter learned that the auction will be jointly commissioned by the Wuhan Municipal Finance Bureau and the Commission for Discipline Inspection, and the auction auction is 28 Wuhan municipal institutions staff paid gift. Nearly 700 shopping card auction it is understood that the two auctions were auctioned by the Hubei Trust Company Limited and Hubei Hengyuan auction company auction. According to the two companies in the auction announcement, two auctions in 14 and November 19th 9, the auction includes shopping cards, painting crafts, jewelry, watches, electronic products, wine and other categories. There are two auction 222 auction, starting price of a total of more than 80 yuan. Auction starting price is the lowest in an unopened SONY camera, only 10 yuan; the highest starting price is a piece weighing thousands of gold Zhou Dafu grams, marking the amount of 34800 yuan, the starting price of 17400 yuan. In addition, the auction an unopened 16G gold iPhone6 mobile phone starting price of only 1800 yuan. BYD reporter noted that the two most auction auction shopping card, two totaling 690 shopping card were divided into 92 groups for the auction, the card marked amount of up to more than 88 yuan, the starting price of the card marked price of 22% off. The first auction of the shopping card, the highest denomination is ten thousand yuan, the lowest is $one hundred, the value of the card is 5000 yuan of the card, most of the rest of the face value of $500 and $1000. In addition, there are a lot of famous brand to the auction gifts, including Hermes scarves, neckties, shirts, Givenchy shirts, scarves, Gucci handbags, Montagut T-shirt, Armani, Longines, Rolex, Yingnage watches etc.. These famous brand products of the starting price significantly below the market price. To avoid the waste of gift auction BYD reporter learned that the auction will be jointly commissioned by the Wuhan Municipal Finance Bureau and the Commission for Discipline Inspection, the purpose is to be more open and transparent handling of public officials paid gift. According to the relevant provisions of Party and state functionaries shall not receive gifts violations, for various reasons failed to reject the gifts shall accept the date (accept gifts in the field, from the back of the unit from the date) within one month of active hand to unit and registration. "Many comrades were active over the work on accepting items, these items are the original disposal in each unit, we do not know how to dispose of, put these items piled into the warehouse, caused some waste." Wuhan City Commission for discipline inspection staff told reporters BYD, turned over to regulate the gifts, Wuhan introduced the relevant management office "相关的主题文章: