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Xi Jinping: to accelerate the innovation of network information technology – Sohu news Xi Jinping in the thirty-sixth Politburo collective study stressed to accelerate the network information technology innovation unremitting efforts towards the Xinhua news agency in Beijing on 9 October, the CPC Central Committee Political Bureau October 9th afternoon the implementation of network strategy for the thirty-sixth collective learning power network construction target. The CPC Central Committee General Secretary Xi Jinping presided over the study stressed that accelerating the network information technology innovation, accelerate the digital economy on economic development, improve the management level of the network, accelerate to enhance the security of cyberspace defense ability, speed up with the network information technology to promote social governance, accelerate the upgrading of China’s cyberspace international discourse and the rule making power, towards the construction of the network power goals. Tsinghua University, Dean of microelectronics and nanoelectronics, Microelectronics Institute Professor Wei Shaojun on this issue to explain and discuss their views and suggestions. Comrades of the CPC Central Committee Political Bureau listened carefully to explain, and discussed the relevant issues. Xi Jinping delivered a speech during the study. He pointed out that in today’s world, the rapid development of network information technology, fully integrated into social production and life, a profound change in the global economic landscape, pattern of interests, security pattern. The world’s major countries have the Internet as the focus of economic development, technological innovation, the Internet as a strategic direction to seek new competitive advantage. Although China’s network information technology and network security has made great achievements, but compared with the world advanced level there is still a big gap. We must unify our thinking, raise awareness, strengthen strategic planning and overall planning, and speed up the work. Xi Jinping stressed that the network of information technology is the world’s most concentrated R & D investment, innovation is the most active, the most widely used, the most significant role in the field of radiation technology innovation, is a global technology innovation competition heights. We must conform to this trend, vigorously develop the core technology, strengthen the security of critical information infrastructure, improve the network management system. To firmly hold the "number" of independent innovation of core technology, key technology to cutting-edge technology breakthrough of network development and international competitiveness, accelerate the domestic self controlled alternative plan, information technology system security control. To reform the R & D input-output mechanism and scientific achievements transformation mechanism, the implementation of network information in the field of core technology and equipment research and development and application of the crucial strategy, promote high performance computing, mobile communication, quantum communication, core chip, operating system and other major breakthrough. Xi Jinping stressed that the world economy to accelerate the transformation of the economic activities of the Internet information technology industry as an important content. We want to seize this historic opportunity to develop new momentum of information technology, with new momentum to promote new development. To increase investment, strengthen the construction of information infrastructure, and promote the integration of the Internet and the real economy, accelerate the digital and intelligent traditional industries, bigger and stronger digital economy, expand the new space for economic development. Xi Jinping pointed out that the continuous development of new technologies and new applications of the Internet, so that the social mobilization of the Internet is growing. To spread positive energy, enhance communication and guidance.相关的主题文章: