Xi’an Urban Management Bureau tonight 20 points will be asked about the political situation of telev-haywire

Xi’an Urban Management Bureau will be 20 tonight television politics aspect big secret Xi’an network Fourth "political moment" large TV broadcast is scheduled for October 8th 20:00 in Xi’an radio and television to meet with the audience, this period will be around the City Management Bureau (Xi’an city administrative and Law Enforcement Bureau) has launched management services issues the program remains, Jieduan, sharp, sharp style. "Politics" program scene audience channel time continues to open, public through the hotline (9600168), email (xasdswz@@sina), "political moment" WeChat public number, Xi’an network, Xi’an APP exclusive "unlimited register, registration information wholly into" participation TV politics public information base "program a group from the" information base "were selected for the representatives of the people to participate in the program live. At the same time, if you find my city management (law enforcement) mechanism of management is not in place, the industry, the interests of rent-seeking, shady vulnerability, due diligence and other issues, welcome to email or call the hotline (xasdswz@@sina) (9600168) (with audio and video, pictures or text materials) clues, Xi’an radio and TV station "politics hour" program group screening after verification in the program to be exposed, to promote rectification. This program focuses on the city’s urban management (law enforcement) collision activities and public demands between the masses of the people; site into question and expert comments, the scene of the political object field vote. Program seeks to expose the political object is not seen or can not solve the problem, to identify the crux of the problem, improve administrative efficiency and management level. October 8th 20:00 Xi’an radio and television news channel (1) and Xi’an news broadcast FM950, AM810 live broadcast video synchronization, Xi’an network television, Xi’an mobile phone infinite APP, live show off all the masses of people can through the "WeChat shake, infinite Xi’an APP two ways to vote. The city management functions of the city administration is one of the merger in our city by the end of 2015 institutional reforms in the government departments, linked to the Xi’an city administrative and Law Enforcement Bureau sign, all the functions of the basic functions of the original work covers the city comprehensive administrative law enforcement bureau, city, city gardens Bureau, four City joint founder of the city well, as new municipal outdoor advertising facilities management, planning and function of illegally built. Main responsibilities: organization and guidance, coordination, supervision and inspection, a comprehensive assessment of the city’s urban management, develop city sanitation, city greening, outdoor advertising, such as City Patriotic Health Management management system and norms; responsible for the city sanitation, landscaping, outdoor advertising, construction waste and other aspects of the work of the administrative examination and approval; responsible for city garbage, food waste, construction waste management; in charge of landscape and park management, responsible for the city park, Plaza comprehensive management; responsible for the establishment of outdoor advertising management, safety supervision and responsibility of outdoor advertising facilities; negative.相关的主题文章: