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Xiang Junbo: to play the advantages of focusing on precise poverty alleviation We want you! The first 2016 China Potter Rockefeller award officially started! Funds, insurance, brokerage and other financial institutions, information management capabilities which is better? Please click [vote], select the strongest institutions in your heart! In October 24th, the "study times" published the party secretary, chairman Xiang Junbo of China CIRC interview. The content of the interview involves the relationship between the insurance work and poverty alleviation and development work, the main focus of the service industry to help the poor. The publication of Xiang Junbo in the conversation in essence, the following are excerpts from the "study times" published a dialogue. In the dialogue, Xiang Junbo said: as the most ancient human history, one of the greatest inventions, natural born with helping the property insurance. 4000 years ago the sprout of birth insurance, in order to cope with the illness and death of people is disabled, to prevent the family into poverty crisis organized to provide mutual aid organizations, this is the first form of insurance organization. Especially since the human being in modern society, with the function of insurance insurance continues to expand, to protect human life, prevent people from poor poverty plays an increasingly important role. Insurance has increasingly become an important force in the international poverty alleviation and development system, and has become an important tool for governments to help the poor. Agricultural insurance help stabilize agricultural production is not well-off, the key to fellow." Almost 55 million 750 thousand of the poor are concentrated in rural areas, and agriculture is the main source of livelihood. Due to the high risk factor of the disaster, the agricultural production and management and the peasant family economy are very fragile. For farmers, a sudden disaster can be swallowed a few years or even a lifetime accumulation of wealth, "Yinzai returning" has become one of the great threat to the impoverished rural population. As an important force to improve the modern agricultural service system, insurance can play an important role in promoting the increase of farmers’ income. Especially for the rural poor, once suffered the risk of natural disasters, can get dozens of times in the premium payment, so as to timely reproduction start, life self-help compensation funds, improve risk protection ability. The party and the government attach great importance to the use of insurance mechanisms to serve the poor people in rural areas of production and life, in 2007 to start the central financial support for agricultural insurance pilot. In the past 5 years, China’s agricultural insurance business, the average annual growth rate of 21.2%, a total of 1 billion 40 million households farmers to provide risk protection 6 trillion and 500 billion yuan, to 120 million households of farmers 91 billion 400 million yuan to pay reparations. At present, agricultural insurance has covered all aspects of agriculture, forestry, animal husbandry, agriculture and fisheries. In 2015, the main agricultural crop insurance coverage 1 billion 450 million mu, accounting for the main crop sown area of 59%, of which three rations average crop insurance coverage of more than 70% kinds of goods up to 189 categories of farming insurance. Agricultural insurance has covered all provinces and cities, to provide risk protection 1 trillion and 400 billion yuan. The scale of China’s agricultural insurance market has been ranked first in Asia, the world’s second, agricultural insurance to stabilize the lives of poor people in rural areas, the maintenance of national food security, promote the sustainable development of Agriculture相关的主题文章: