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Yang Zi face red mark   urticaria; these skin diseases will settle scores – Anhui channel — people.com.cn original title: Yang Zi face red mark urticaria these skin diseases will settle scores of expert introduction: Wang Huaiqu, deputy director of the physician. Beijing Skin Disease Hospital outpatient special expert, director of the Beijing Shougang general hospital dermatology original. Zhuang Fengkang, chief physician. Beijing Skin Disease Hospital experts special outpatient service, the original director of the Department of Dermatology of Beijing Tongren Hospital. Wu Dawei, chief physician. Beijing Skin Disease Hospital experts VIP clinic. The morning of October 8th, Yang Zi drying out in the sun in a half face, said, micro-blog 4 days with a drug infusion is not used". Although only half exposed face, but still see the face slightly pale, pale face to the neck from a red rash is quite obvious. One autumn, the skin problem is a basket reactor, for patients with urticaria, daily should pay special attention to these habits, otherwise it will lead to jiuzhibuyu. Excessive scratching itching is the most common clinical symptoms of skin diseases, skin itching and scratching will have a desire, not a little scratch is not realistic, but excessive scratching can aggravate the skin disease. Many patients for momentary gratification, hard scratching, skin itching, skin bleeding straight catch, the more grasping the more itching, catch more urticant more, forming a vicious spiral. In fact, excessive scratching can cause many skin diseases such as skin lesions can aggravate, neurodermatitis gradually rough, hypertrophy; the further spread of acute eczema, increased exudation, therefore, patients with skin disease in treatment at the same time, we must hold his hand, as far as possible to avoid scratching, severe itching can be timely antipruritic medication or applicator. Hot water for many patients with a fast wash with hot water rash, although the temporary solution itch, but later will aggravate itching, especially acute dermatitis and eczema, hot water can cause the increase of capillary permeability, promote the release of a large number of allergens, resulting in infiltration and erosion aggravate, make the condition worse. So, even the Chinese herbal fumigation and popular sauna, for patients with acute eczema and acute dermatitis is not appropriate. The use of alkaline detergent many skin diseases, such as chapped hand eczema patients with repeated use of alkaline soap, detergent or detergent washing habits. In fact, these washing products easy to cause the skin more dry, chapped, itching to aggravate. Senile skin pruritus with soap bath can inhibit sebum secretion, make the skin more dry, so as to increase the itching. Therefore, this kind of patients can try to contain oil rich soap. Some people because of improper diet can eat seafood, meat, beef and mutton, fish, shrimp, crab, silkworm and excitant food, such as chili, pepper, garlic, cinnamon, leek, and cause eczema, urticaria and other allergic skin disease, or aggravate. Therefore, the allergic constitution, should avoid spicy stimulation of the product, the diet should be light, can be appropriate to eat some fruit, add a variety of vitamins. Drug abuse can be said that the abuse of drugs caused by skin diseases and other phenomena abound. Topical corticosteroids, for example相关的主题文章: