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"Yangtze River map" hidden in a time you read it? "The Yangtze River map" premiere night sky, clouds gathered in Beijing new movies most of "new" literary youth. "The movie" magazine invited to the "Yangtze River map" director Yang Chao and producer Wang Yu, actress Xin Zhilei, actor Wu Lipeng after viewing a chat with "realistic color, the magic of light" as the theme of the salon. The director said, "Yangtze River map" is not only a road, but also a science fiction film, built on the Yangtze River, the mother river of endless imagination. "Yangtze River map" of the Yangtze River from the beginning as a complete time river, and did not make any hints, no ordinary fantasy film time door, not released a white audience, but completely realistic took a magic. Female Xin Zhilei said the director himself doing extra work to help her understand the character of Anlu, she believes that although Anlu has a lot of identity in the film, but her understanding is always a clue clear, complete plump woman, is a living woman, not a ghost. The audience to see the Yangtze River water map posters can understand the intention of the director, according to the woman body, drawing the Yangtze River map. According to actor Wu Lipeng said to myself, the interpretation of this most important role of the main obstacles is their value is too high. Salon atmosphere slightly serious and serious, after all, talking about the art of & philosophy. Suddenly a problem was thrown out: Zhang finally gone? Yang said is keep in bed play, play the role of husband Zhang Xianmin teacher is almost a moral man, his wife was seriously ill after care about and serve decoction. Mr. Wang Yu took the incumbent, Zhang Xianmin once said, he said, he was always the most commercial art films, commercial films of the literary thought is finished; run on the "Yangtze River map" feel the boast that he was that. Poetry youth asked about the poem in the film, Yang Chao also asked the director did not consider the book of poetry. The director explained: "the Yangtze River map" in the poem are all played by Qin Hao Gaochun this process at the end of the 80s loser Wen Qing in the ship ran in from the father of writing for a period, the hand copied into a Book of poems, called the "Yangtze River map". It is not the expression of the theme of the film, nor is it the director’s literary expression; it belongs to the character, belongs to the plot, belongs to the era of a state of loser. I am not a poet, I was the state of the simulation of Gaochun wrote what verses, good and bad are belong to Gaochun. I will not be able to extract poetry, because I am not a poet. Finally, sat on the floor of the films are creative audience with a large photo, click! Light up the hole in the big hall slightly blackish. Another high force lattice salon happy ending. (commissioning editor: litchi)相关的主题文章: