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Zhang Jiayi and other villagers in Xi’an debut late autumn endless homesickness words Xiang Xi’an network (Zhao Jing Xu Minhe) Mid Autumn Festival is a reunion day, 2016 CCTV Mid Autumn Festival party "to highlight the theme of". The whole party, there are a lot of Shaanxi’s host and actor home, sent a wonderful program for people who. The "special program" brought by three Shaanxi CCTV hosts has attracted the most attention. The three presenters are Chinese CCTV international channel "China news" "Chinese world" presenter, Xi’an baby Wang Zhou, also born in Xi’an "Legal Report" host Li Xiaodong, born in Hanzhoung, CCTV news channel anchor Hu Die. They have a rap show "Xi’an self portrait", shocking the whole audience. With the rhythm of movement, but let each person listen to the lyrics of Xi’an will feel proud, also make the world a better understanding of Shaanxi, Xi’an. The tide of the spring river connects with the sea, and the moon is full of tide. She follows the rolling waves for thousands of miles, where the river flows with moonlight!" With the sound of magnetism, we got thunderous applause. This is the scene of the national male God and our fellow villager Zhang Jiayi coming on stage in Xi’an. He dressed in robes, sitting on the stone a few side chant "moonlit night", and the background is an open poetry picture, actor Geng Le, Yu Mingjia with soulful chanting, the perfect fusion of the scene. In yesterday’s interview, Zhang Jiayi said, Xi’an is becoming more and more beautiful, thanks to the home, so he can have such an important stage in the party the opportunity to "go home feeling good, feeling good at home over the mid autumn festival."

张嘉译等西安老乡亮相秋晚 话不尽的乡思乡情   西安网讯 (赵静 徐旻禾) 中秋节是万家团圆的日子,2016央视中秋晚会突出“回”这一主题。整场晚会中,有不少陕西籍的主持人和演员回家,为乡党们送来了精彩的节目。   由三位陕籍央视主持人带来的“特别节目”最受关注。这三位主持人分别是央视中文国际频道《中国新闻》《华人世界》栏目主持人、西安娃王洲,同样西安籍的《今日说法》主持人李晓东,出生于汉中的央视新闻频道主播胡蝶。   他们一首说唱表演《西安自画像》,震撼全场。配着动感的节奏,句句唱词让每个西安人听了都会感到自豪、骄傲,也让全国乃至世界更加了解陕西,了解西安。   “春江潮水连海平,海上明月共潮生。滟滟随波千万里,何处春江无月明!”富有磁性的声音一出,就获得了雷鸣般的掌声,这是全民男神、咱西安老乡张嘉译登场时的场景。他身着长袍,端坐在石几边吟咏《春江花月夜》,而背景则是一幅展开的诗词画卷,演员耿乐、于明加一同深情吟诵,场景完美融合。   在昨天的采访中,张嘉译说到,西安越来越美了,感谢家乡,让他可以拥有在这样一场重要晚会上登台的机会,“回家的感觉真好,能在家乡过中秋节的感觉真好。”相关的主题文章: