Zhang Jike flip around teach the younger sister playing fans angrily kneeling washboard-97179

Zhang Jike "flip around" teach the younger sister playing fans angrily: kneeling washboard original title: teach Zhang Jike hand play: teach input is said to tease sister Zhang Jike taught the little girl playing Sina entertainment news Beijing on August 28th news, the Olympic delegation of Hongkong elite is underway today team interaction and the local fans came to the stadium [micro-blog], Zhang Jike helped the little girl. It is because of this move, "Liao Mei" provoked numerous many sisters envy and hate, and Zhang Jike also specifically sent a micro-blog add fuel to the flames. Zhang Jike wrote in micro-blog: when the teacher is not easy! Teach not well, say you too waste, teach you into it, said Liao Mei, frankly speaking, I think we taught today how. The Zhang Jike with three pictures, the first one is the little girl with cordial exchanges, second Zhang Jike holding her hand on the shoulder and play together, the third is the bleachers fans. Zhang Jike was no wonder fans harbour evil designs, have a message said "in my arms" and "let the little girl let me" "angry" and "home kneeling washboard". This micro-blog in 1 hours less than the time of the harvest of the 60 thousand + comments and praise of the 130 thousand +. Activities at the scene of Zhang Jike’s performance today was very active, when Malone is playing, he secretly ran to put a chair behind Malone; Zhang Jike then had the site moderator, let Liu Guoliang and Lin Dan take the racket to play table tennis, made after Liu end direct "pinching" following the branch’s neck…… In the past, Zhang Jike rarely updated micro-blog, has been very cold. But in the period of the Olympic Games to now, Zhang Jike in micro-blog and incarnate funny than the poet, show a different side, quickly captured a large group of fans, did not expect to have the same strength in the red terror network the pride of table tennis. (New) (commissioning editor: maiko) for more details, please pay attention to female @ Sina (micro-blog)相关的主题文章: