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Zhang Tielin Panpei illegitimate daughter 18 years alimony was child custody last year’s illegitimate claims to court Zhang Tielin Zhang Tielin before the court refused to Renqin in December last year, Zhang father daughter Zhang Tielin to court. Zhang and his mother that Zhang Tielin had, in spite of her physical and mental health, asked his name from her birth certificate removed, repeatedly offered a paternity test, delay the time do not want to give daughter passport signature, made a series of abnormal behavior, and the behavior intention is not to pay or pay her alimony, escape from custody responsibility. Therefore, Zhang decided to sue the court, and asked Zhang Tielin to compensate for 18 years of alimony. According to reports, until before the trial, Zhang Tielin faced the media still does not recognize her daughter, said: "whenever his peace of mind, not to confuse right and wrong for the money, viciously slander. I am glad that we can solve all the worries through legal means, and that the public opinion is true and sincere, and that the parties concerned should be aware of themselves, and that the children will be safe and stable, and that the conscience will be justified. I respect the law, I’m ready, and I want them to come to the court." The court sentenced Zhang Tielin to 18 years of one-time compensation for losing compensation fee of more than six months after the trial, in June 22nd this year, Zhang prosecution Zhang Tielin finally ruling, Chaoyang District people’s court ruling in favor of Zhang, confirmed that it was Zhang Tielin’s own daughter, Zhang Tielin ordered in the judgment within seven days of a one-time compensation of 18 years of alimony, and share a part of case acceptance fee. As a result of the verdict, Zhang’s mother was satisfied with the interview, saying the law was fair, and that Zhang Tielin had transferred custody to the court, and that her daughter had entered the University’s favorite profession. "Since my daughter was 14 years old, she contacted her father and asked her father to sign the letter of consent for her passport and go to college immediately after her daughter was 17 years old," said Zhang’s mother, after a long four years.

张铁林判赔私生女18年抚养费 又被索儿抚养权   去年私生女将张铁林告上法庭 张铁林开庭前仍拒绝认亲   去年12月,女儿张某将生父张铁林告上了法庭。张某及其母亲认为,张铁林此前不顾女儿身心健康,要求把自己名字从女儿出生证上去掉,反复提出做亲子鉴定,拖延时间不愿给女儿护照签字等,做出一系列反常行为,而这些行为的意图都是不付或少付女儿抚养费、逃避抚养责任。因此,张某决定向法院提起诉讼,要求张铁林赔偿18年来的抚养费。   据报道,直至开庭前,张铁林面对媒体仍不承认女儿,称:“但凡自食其力,心态平和,也不至于为了钱去颠倒黑白,恶语中伤。我庆幸最终可以通过法律的途径解决各方忧虑,还社会舆论以真实诚信,还当事人以自知之明,还孩子以平安稳定,还良知以心安理得就好了。我尊重法律,做好了准备,希望她们到法院来说理。”   法院判决张铁林败诉 要求一次性赔偿18年抚养费   经过半年多的审理,今年6月22日,张某起诉张铁林的诉讼终于判决,朝阳区人民法院判决张某胜诉,确认其是张铁林的亲生女儿,责令张铁林在判决生效七日内一次性赔偿18年抚养费,并分担一部分案件受理费。   对于这一判决结果,张某的母亲在后来的采访中表示满意,称法律是公正的,并透露张铁林已将抚养费上交法院,女儿已经进入大学喜欢的专业。“自女儿14岁联络父亲,要求父亲在办理护照同意书上签字,到女儿17岁马上要上大学,历经漫长的四年时间”,张某的母亲说。相关的主题文章: