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Zhao Zhongxiang also quietly closed shop customer: too little taste in general entertainment – Sohu Zhao Zhongxiang shop closed (source: Modern Express) Sohu entertainment news two years ago, Meng Fei and Han Han have small restaurant opened in Nanjing. For a time, the Nanjing star shops, including the earlier opening of the "Ting Mei restaurant" and nearly two years of business "restaurant Zhang Jiajia" Jiang Wu "Zhao Zhongxiang" noodle shop "noodle shop" have become the meat and potatoes. However, there are careful people found that the star restaurant craze is receding, the scene has been crazy queue, it is difficult to see. Recently, the "three Zhao Zhongxiang noodle shop" also silently closed. Zhao Zhongxiang shop before the door closed int     Zhao Zhongxiang three noodle closed for more than a month in September last year, after Meng Fei, Han Han and other stars, Zhao Zhongxiang also came to Nanjing to open a restaurant. Zhao Zhongxiang three main old Beijing noodle shop also Noodles with Soy Bean Paste, display his collection of paintings, old photos of Beijing. Allegedly, the cheapest to store a bowl of 25 yuan, 36 yuan to sign three. The first half of this year, "Zhao Zhongxiang three" has opened second stores in Nanjing Xinjiekou. However, careful people found that three recently noodle seems to disappear, the search of public comment, can not find the two stores. Yesterday, the modern express reporter visited the two "in Xinjiekou and new Jiangning Wanda three face shop, found have been closed. In the new B building five floor, a staff member pointed to an old Beijing style restaurant door told reporters, here is the original Zhao Zhongxiang three noodle. Now the door is closed, the signs have been removed. The door is hung in the middle of a small sign, which reads "engineering transformation, suspension of business". Jiangning Wanda shop looks than Xinjiekou shop, but the store were to block up, Weidang also wrote a "shop renovation, please look forward to". The reporter asked the staff that the next business, the two great Zhao Zhongxiang noodle have closed their doors for more than a month, the business is not good, not many people." Reporter micro-blog search found few people say delicious noodles netizens evaluation "less taste in general, some people say" little sign three, is the general flavor, a lot of expensive Noodles with Soy Bean Paste not worth ". Yesterday afternoon, the reporter contacted Zhao Zhongxiang’s assistant, the other said, three in Nanjing noodle two stores are closed, but for other things to say. Han Han’s restaurant was unlicensed star restaurant business mixed, Han Han, Zhao Zhongxiang and Meng Fei are gone, Ting Mei, Zhang Jiajia, Jiang Wu…… The stars get together to open a restaurant in Nanjing, Nanjing set off a chowhound fans economy circle. Now, Zhao Zhongxiang didn’t say "goodbye" Sansheng noodle, quietly and bid farewell to the people of Nanjing. So, what about the other star restaurants in Nanjing? At 11:30 at noon yesterday, the reporter went to the modern express Nanjing rainbow joy, Jiang Wu noodle "Wu" Nanjing opened in February this year. The working day at noon, the popularity of Wu OK, a total of 60 seats, nearly half the attendance. Working people相关的主题文章: