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Xun Zhou and Tony Leung starred in commercials and hope to warm each other husband Tencent entertainment news (Wen Zhou Chen) the afternoon of September 6th, Ambassador Xun Zhou in Beijing to a make-up brand advertising film premiere, known as the "dark" video not by actress Xun Zhou, actor Tony Leung co starred in. In the movie, Tony Leung plays Xun Zhou mentor role, asked the reality of the husband would like Gao Shengyuan as mentor, the warmth of their own, Xun Zhou replied: "sometimes, we each other." Xun Zhou day wearing a black dress finale debut, with host Lu Yu meeting also praised each other’s new hairstyle, it looks quite good mood. Talking about his short film, Xun Zhou said he was the first time to shoot the three paragraph of the ad, it is entirely as a movie to shoot. At the same time, she also said that he and Tony Leung have been busy for a long time did not see the work, the ad once again feel very warm cooperation. In the "dark" in the movie, Xun Zhou 20s, 30s 40s, interpretation of the three age women’s life story and journey, Tony Leung as a mentor role, give encouragement and care in Xun Zhou ".". Xun Zhou said, when shooting, Tony Leung made a lot of adjustments to the line, a lot of the heart and the feeling." Combined with the characters in the film, Xun Zhou also talked about his views on age. She said that in the early age of 20 will face love, confusion and impulse, you will need a mentor like a mentor in the video to see the outside world. And after the growth of the age, then do not need to pay attention to the outside sound, the most important thing is to operate their own good. Lu Yu was asked to the husband Gao Shengyuan would like Tony Leung’s role as the warmth of their own, Xun Zhou replied: "sometimes, we each other." Lu Yu smiled and asked: "will give each other a very warm and very intelligent voice?" Xun Zhou smiled. "Yes, hope." From the scene viewing situation, "dark" used before several extreme black and white minimalist style, still by Wong Kar Wai Xia Yongkang and Zhang Shuping’s team affinity surgeon. Positive from September 6th 24 PM, three consecutive days, Hunan satellite TV three sets lianbo. Lu Chuan says Xun Zhou is simple and cute相关的主题文章: