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Zhengzhou 400 year Kumufengchun Guhuai sprout because of the demolition of the plant was almost dead already 400 years Guhuai reporter Guo Zhiyuan Wen / map of Washington a growth of about 400 years in the environment of Sophora japonica, almost died. In September 26th, the face of this tree hundred years old, to protect its couple said, it is the oldest life in the village, they have to take care of it at all costs, make it up. This tree hundred years Guhuai, growth in University of South Nangang Liu village on the eastern side of a temple in the trunk, rushed out from the walls, the branches is 10 meters. Despite the huge branches, but a withered north, only one side of Pan green, and bear fruit. 70 year old Liang Shuqin introduced, they belong to the jurisdiction of Goldwater Heyuan office, the original tree in central Nangang Liu village, ten years ago, the tree crown is huge, very lush, summer, attracting many people come here to enjoy the cool air near. Five years ago, the village is ready to demolition, almost all the villagers began to build houses, want to get more compensation, as a result, the tree has become a victim. In order to master "building, the trees are built around the clearing house, but also because of the crown block building, has been cut down to one half, the trunk was built in the room, nobody watered it, it gradually dried up." He said that after the demolition of the village, the tree has been on the verge of death. The villagers after the demolition of houses, people around the tree built a small courtyard. It was just planning at the University of South Road green belt, the villagers built a temple around the tree "". Liang said that in 2000 the green sector after the inspection, to the trees listed, the sign marked 380 years of ancient. After the demolition of the village, a lot of old people back to the village, it becomes more and more precious, Liang Shuqin took on the responsibility to protect it: the cement hit, built a flower bed, regular watering. This spring, it suddenly out of a side bud, bud "has more than 5 meters, I took two bamboo poles tied it reinforcement, want it to grow faster." According to the ancient tree, Zhengzhou City Bureau of parks landscape trees Supervision Brigade expert Ren Zhifeng said that the Nangang Liu village, this strain has Guhuai for 400 years, it has witnessed the history of this land, hope it survived. If the villagers do not have a better way to protect the old trees, you can apply to the city garden Bureau, they sent experts to protect the tree.相关的主题文章: