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Zhuhai airshow wonderful man who hold more than 40 people fainted accident hospital [posted by "Zhuhai daily" WeChat public number November 5th, copy the "Zhuhai special zone" can focus on WeChat search. Yesterday is the Zhuhai airshow] the public on the first day, a young man suddenly fainted at the scene, the reason is actually, the show is too great! The public air show on the first day at 11:30, a young man suddenly fell on the show hall three male toilet door. The scene of the 120 emergency center medical staff and police, security, volunteers together, the man quickly transfer treatment. Due to timely treatment, the man has no harm. But then reporters understand the reason, dumbfounding. The man emergency situation, the main reason is hold for too long not to go to the toilet caused, because the people live, the man is not willing to miss every moment of the show, but the results of "tragedy". Yesterday the show site number over 40 injuries it is understood that the exhibition yesterday at the site of the accident is more than this guy. A sixty lady yesterday because of physical discomfort, also fell in the parking area, pale, hands trembling, unable to speak. The lady’s daughter told police, the mother of stomach pain, recurrence, and thus lead to incontinence. Several patrol police immediately sent to the medical center. Due to the rescue in a timely manner, the elderly Lee out of danger. It is reported that due to the increase in the number of visitors, the probability of occurring is doubled, professional day most of the day only 23 people sick, and more than 40 people yesterday. In the hall, there were several accidents, fortunately I wit the police Milo timely change danger into safety. We show the public on the first day, a Shenzhen driver to take his family to Zhuhai to see the show, go to half the child suddenly have a fever, dizzy in the past, but they can not find the hospital! The situation is critical, police rushed to the hospital after being rushed to the hospital. Come at 10 in the morning, Jintang Traffic Police Brigade police are P3 airshow parking lot traffic, suddenly one of the passengers rushed to go before the police brigade long hole, breathlessly said: "there is a parking lot of an old man… Heart disease there. To aid..!" After the police promptly sent the old man to the nearest air emergency center, the old man uneventfully. We Jintang Police Brigade police Xiao Cai in the P3 parking lot saw the missing elderly, contact the elderly after her daughter, the old man to the bus station and her daughter. Health experts say City Health Bureau of health experts remind visitors residents and visitors, show good again, but the food to eat, the row to row, be ill. In addition, the elderly, children and infirm do not expose to the sun for a long time exposure, we must drink plenty of water. If there is discomfort to timely medical treatment. The show hall 120 emergency command department in the two shop in front of the flagstaff. Zhuhai special zone daily Wei Ningwen material from Zhuhai comprehensive traffic police [] Reading secret airshow those beautiful "model" of up to several thousand dollars a day相关的主题文章: