Zong Qinghou Chinese enterprises should attach importance to the domestic market to go out to introd-winavi video converter

Zong Qinghou: Chinese enterprises should pay attention to the domestic market to go out to be introduced to – Hangzhou 2, September 3rd, the group of twenty Business Summit (B20 Summit) will be held in Zhejiang. As an outstanding representative of Zhejiang, Hangzhou Wahaha Group Chairman Zong Qinghou invited to attend the B20 summit. In an interview recently, Zong said that Chinese enterprises should attach importance to the domestic market, can not blindly pursue "go out". Zong Qinghou admitted that domestic enterprises go out to do a bit too far, now more than foreign investment in domestic enterprises in the domestic investment, this phenomenon is not normal. The domestic market also needs investment, but also need to solve the employment problem." In his view, the excess capacity of the industry should be transferred to foreign countries, the introduction of foreign advanced technology and industry, is conducive to economic development. In Zong Qinghou’s view, Chinese consumer purchasing power is very strong, so China enterprises should be based on the domestic market, now the world economy depends on Chinese economy to pull to recover, not by others Chinese recovery impetus to our economic development, so the enterprise should be based on domestic economic development." Zong Qinghou called on countries should boost the real economy, so as to jointly promote the coordinated development of the world. He believes that the world is now trying to boost the economy, to adopt quantitative easing monetary policy to support the virtual economy, but there is no effective solution to the problem of employment. The biggest problem is that the real economy is shrinking, the virtual economy too far. The real economy is to create wealth of the economy, virtual economy and finance, should serve the real economy, to promote the development of the real economy." In his opinion, the government should encourage the development of the real economy, so as to solve the employment problem, let people live and work in peace. He suggested that, on the one hand, the state should reduce the tax burden, so that enterprises can have a profit to survive; second, companies have a profit will increase the income of employees, so as to stimulate domestic demand, and ultimately promote economic development. In addition, Zong Qinghou said, China enterprises should enhance confidence, seize the consumer’s consumption demand, supply side reforms, play the artisan spirit, "a lot of the domestic industry has done a first-class level, Chinese products is not worse than the others."相关的主题文章: